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    Tony started as a sports photographer after a love of Motorsport ended  in a relativity  short time in a rally car, photography was the saving grace allowing him to win 10 cameras in magazine competitions for his motorsport images.



    Portraits are a very personal feeling and requires a  unique skill set that can make you look a million dollars. Tony loves the studio as much as any other location be it a derelict building or on the street to take portraits as long as he can use his 200 f2 lens.




    Tony's love of the open space shows that you can make a location shine though, if you use the best of the available light. Light is the one common thing in photography and it can make or break and image.



    Fine Art Nude

    Fine Art Nudes are all about  the middle word "ART" and being able to capture the beauty of the  subjective form without degrading the body maintaining  the  feelings of  the light whilst allowing them to remain feminine.




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